Demolition Dad - Phil Earle

I approached this with a little bit of trepidation as the author is an old friend of mine and I was worried about what would happen if I didn't like it but thankfully I did like it .... a lot! 


Jake loves wrestling and his Dad does too. He's a big bear of a man and they begin a winning streak of small, local bouts. Jake's Dad becomes 'Demolition Man' only it's a secret and nobody knows his alter ego.

Then Jake enters his Dad into a Global Wrestling Contest. The bright lights, Vegas, money and glory are all calling. Jake is proud of his Dad and wants the World to be too.

Demolition Man V The Tsunami Terror and if he wins a glittering career awaits, but if he loses?


This is a wonderful book. It's characters are vivid and larger than life. The story grabs you like a grappling hook and whisks you in so that you too are cheering on Demolition Man.

It's a page turner as you can't wait to find out the fate of our hero.  You don't have to like wrestling to like this book. It's a good romp of a tale with lots of heart and is packed full of easy going humour.


For 8+ and phew! I'm glad I liked it :-)